Aprilia Racing and BacktoWork24

Aprilia Racing and BacktoWork24


BacktoWork24, a 24 Ore company, is the first system in Italy that offers integrated solutions to favour the investment of financial resources and professional skills by managers and investors in small companies and start-ups.

The corporate mission is to create a virtuous circle capable of favouring an influx of finance and know-how with innovative methods toward the real economy.

From 2014, BacktoWork24 has channelled more than 15 million Euro of private capital through PMI and start-ups.

Thanks to the strategic partnership with Aprilia Racing, BacktoWork24 offers companies in its network a great new opportunity for development and visibility. The intent is to help start-ups and PMI to test their products and services in the MotoGP field thanks to the assets made available by the Aprilia Racing communication platform. 

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Projects in partnership with BacktoWork24



Aprilia Racing commissioned Everyware, the Italian startup that brings together the power of IoT, mobility and big data, to improve customer experience and gain understanding of visitors’ movements at the Valencia MotoGP on November 10th-12th 2017.

Aprilia is one of the most victorious brands in motorcycle racing history, having won an astonishing 54 world titles in its young career. Aprilia Racing represents the most advanced technology platform of Piaggio Group.

This collaboration was developed within the Open Innovation project promoted by Piaggio Group with BacktoWork24, a 24 Ore company that favours the investment of financial resources by managers and investors in start-ups.

Aprilia has already implemented the Everyware solution in the Motoplex store in Milan to offer visitors an enhanced experience by leveraging the Internet of Things. The Everyware app allows Aprilia to deliver timely and personalized information directly to customers’ mobile phones from the moment they near the store, inviting them to test new products and offering relevant multimedia content to complement the onsite experience.

The Everyware platform will also help Aprilia to collect information on customer footfall and flows within each store. By integrating these insights with data on online customer behavior, the company will be able to build a complete view of the customer journey.

In the next stage of the collaboration, Everyware will bring its technology solution to the Valencia MotoGP 2017. Sensors placed within the event venue will help Aprilia to gain insights on visitors’ flows and analyze their interactions with the environment.

“We are proud to help a leading Italian brand such as Aprilia in its continued journey towards innovation in retail and event management”, explains Brunello Binetti, co-founder of Everyware. “Retail 4.0 is the latest frontier of distribution that uses advanced technologies, namely the Internet of Things, to give retailers an extra edge and offer customers an optimized experience across all touchpoints.”

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At Valencia MotoGP round, Aprilia Racing’s riders, Aleix Espargarò and Sam Lowes, have signed the first digital autograph for their fans.

It has been a world premier, possible thanks to Stargraph technology, Italian startup which debutted at Valencia in occasion of 2017 end of the season, an extraordinary showcase of agonism and technology, into the maximum world motorcycle competition.

The event was born from the partnership between Aprilia Racing and Stargraph, within the Open Innovation project of BacktoWork24 (Sole24Ore) to foster the development of innovative start-ups and high potential projects.

In this area, Aprilia Racing chose Stargraph technology, the first digital fan-engagement and mobile marketing platform to revolutionize the traditional autograph sessions that take place during the Grand Prix weekend. The first digital autograph has been signed during Valencia GP at Ricardo Tormo circuit.

With Stargraph technology, riders are able to take photos and digitally sign the autographs on iPad in front of the audience and send an extraordinary memory to fans physically present at the venue of the event.

This creates, eliminating any physical barrier, a new form of communication between the star and its fans during any kind of live event. They’re no longer just fans to take pictures, but instead, it's the star to share a special content with the fans. All the people present at the event, not just a few lucky ones, have an unforgettable memory of their participation.

Stargraph lets fans create a gallery of their autographs, easy to share with friends on social networks, and download high-definition photos. The platform will also allow a new form of mobile marketing with exclusive promotions and other surprises that will be soon available.

Stargraph App is available for free on App Store and Google Play

Aprilia brings Augmented Reality to MotoGp

Aprilia Racing commissioned Realmore (a business unit of Equent Media Group) to develop a software application to be utilized on an augmented reality wearable device, DAQRI Smart Helmet, in order to visualize AR content that helps the mechanics during the preparation and maintenance of racing bikes. The technology will be put into practice during the San Marino MotoGP at the Misano World Circuit in Italy on September 8 -10, 2017.

Characterized by a common passion for innovation and technological research, the partnership between Aprilia Racing and Realmore was born within the Open Innovation project of BacktoWork24 (first system in Italy for private investment in small businesses) and Aprilia Racing, to promote the development and visibility of innovative start-ups and SMEs.

With AR, Aprilia mechanics are able to visualize content related to motorbike and infographics that respond to the user’s control in real time.

The mechanics can interact with models of pinout connectors and see the wiring capabilities by looking at each connector individually. This feature involves speeding up the cable connection activity and virtually zeroing the risk of error by the mechanics.

Through a 3D hologram of the entire racing bike, the mechanics will then be able to see in real time the telemetric data of the temperature of water, oil and tires at the point where they will be most useful. They will also be able to make a checklist of the wear on some parts of the bike and evaluate when to do the replacement.

Remote Expert allows the chief engineer to communicate remotely with the mechanics by displaying overlay on the helmet screen strategic information such as the type of tires to be mounted, the kilograms of petrol to be in the tank or the lap number of the exit.

Using DAQRI’s Thermal Camera, you can scan the motorbike and receive information about the temperature of the oil and the water in the radiator and check for any anomalies.

The collaboration between Realmore and Aprilia Racing has found a common place in an environment such as the MotoGP naturally faced with the latest innovations, excellence and technological development. The choice to take advantage of AR technology, still little used in this environment and little known as smart assistance application, has quickly become a winning and wide-sighted one, a choice proven by the enthusiastic welcome of the Aprilia Racing Team. >> Discover Realmore


MENUNFC brings interactive menu to Aprilia Racing Hospitality

The Aprilia Racing Hospitality presents a new fun way to welcome friends and partners to the restaurant.

Thanks to NFC technology, MENUNFC offers an innovative multilingual and multimedia service to choose dishes and beverages simply approaching the menu with a smartphone.

In real time, the menu can be visualized through images and videos, getting further infos such as ingredients and allergens. The published content can also be shared on social networks, making the experience particularly engaging. >> Discover more

VERANU, smart floor technology

VERANU is a smart floor technology that produces electricity through foot traffic. The smart tiles are constructed with plastic materials like polylactic acid (PLA) and are completely recyclable. Thanks to the Veranu innovative technology, every floor can be adapted to generate green energy.

At the Misano round, a VERANU footboard has been installed at the back entrance to the Aprilia box, generating energy from foot traffic of special guests invited to watch the team work. The 36.823 steps have generated 736,46 joule able to switch on LED lights for 123 times and saving 73,646 mg of CO2. >> Discover Veranu 

BBS - Tecnologia di Buon Senso realizes, in Aprilia Racing Hospitality, an innovative project featuring Italian wines

Wine Shop is the first multi-sensory wine tasting platform to be present at the MotoGp European rounds in Aprilia Racing hospitality.

Through a highly technological and innovative system, Wine Shop allows you to taste up to eight wines, get information on production sites, contact the cellar to have atalk with the manufacturer, contact a sommelier for advice and eventually buy the bottle that will be delivered directly home. >> Discover BBS