CNV 2019 - ROUND 4

“Portuguese-Italian Armada” complete and on podium at Estoril II

The Eni Aprilia Portugal Racing Team once again had reason to smile at the Estoril Circuit, seeing their formation again complete with Filipe Lourenço returning to the Aprilia RSV4 after his absence, and where once again the team led by helmsman Tiago Magalhães, was again the author of good results, with podium climbs and always with two riders within the 'TOP10', alternating positions between them, in both races of the fourth race of the 2019 National Speed Championship.

The day had started again with a good pace from Magalhães, recording the third fastest time in Warm-Up and giving strong indicators for the final race of the event. The Lisbon rider kept his progress on track throughout the remainder of the weekend at the Estoril Circuit, always with the wind being one of the main opponents of the riders, and again climbing the podium in the Superbike in third place - position in the points table - after waging a new battle with Pedro Nuno.

The motorbike # 15 ridden by João Diogo Silva was back in the top ten after the 15 laps that made up the second race, also for the larger class of CNV Moto. João has further improved his record over the 4,182 meters that make up the Estoril layout, recording a promising warm-up time and anticipating the good pace that could be achieved. The fight for seventh position would reflect that, but physical limitations in the hand did not allow us to go beyond 10th place.

Filipe Lourenço # 93 was undoubtedly the highlight of the weekend as he returned to riding his bike with a solid performance and entered from the first session at the fastest pace as he still recovers from injuries sustained in the race. beginning of the season. After his strong "re-entry" into the atmosphere of the CNV Moto 2019 squad, finishing 10th out of the 19 riders in the first race, his 12th place finish in the second race, limited by fitness, is a positive result.

Eni Aprilia Portugal Racing Team ranks third in the points of riders (SBK), teams and builders, and there are still many points at stake on both rounds by the end of the 2019 season. With the formation finally complete, the whole team is prepared to further improve their position in the tables on September 22, in the penultimate test of the year, again at the Estoril Circuit.

The whole team expresses their deepest condolences to the family, team and friends of rider Filipa Gomes #77, as well as leaving a message of support to the Dunlop Motoval Cup organizers at this difficult time, especially to the Estoril Motor Club and its stewards. The Cup has always been part of our team's DNA.


Tiago Magalhães#19

"This weekend did not go as I expected, I was confident and motivated to improve my times and fight for victory. We started free practice and qualifying at a good pace, but it was not easy to find a good setting for them. Dunlop tires this weekend, and times have gone downhill.

After getting pole after a mistake from my opponent's team, in the first race I started well but the radical change in temperature and the strong wind at the end of the day made my rear tire last a few laps and one more penalty again due to lack of track time to test the various rubbers available, resulting in Dunlop's lack of technical information on their operation.

In the second race we knew we had to change the strategy and choice of the rear tire. I started again in the front group and with a strong pace but this time it was not the rear tire betraying me, but the front tire falling apart. In both races I lost the pace and confidence, the strength of this Aprilia RSV4 is the cornering speed and not being able to take advantage of it, both were difficult races, not going beyond the third position.

I want to thank the whole Eni Aprilia Portugal Racing Team team, sponsors, friends and family for all their support and motivation to continue working harder and better. "


João Diogo Silva#15

"Another round of CNV Moto held! In qualifying we struggled to find the ideal tuning and with the strong wind, I qualified in 11th place on the grid. In the first race I made a good start and managed to fight for the seventh. In the first place, but a turn off at turn 1 that made me go to the gravel, I lost several positions. Although I recovered some, I did not go beyond the 12th position, with the tire very degraded, which also did not help in the last laps.

On Sunday, at Warm-Up, we were able to find good feelings on the bike, having the best lap at 1: 45.4 - with the ideal lap at 1: 44.9. Everything indicated that we would have a second race with better pace. After a good start, I was able to ride with the group in the fight for seventh place, but I started making several mistakes due to numbness in my right hand, eventually slowing down. I finished the race in 10th place.

We realized where we went wrong and now we have to take advantage of the summer break to continue training and working on solving our mistakes, to get back stronger. Thanks to my family, sponsors and team for their unconditional support!”


Filipe Lourenço #93

"After failing two races, Saturday I entered the track determined to be able to find the best 'setting' and try to make the most of the laps possible to get back to a good pace. better on the bike, but unfortunately in the end I couldn't make an ideal lap and we finished qualifying in 12th position, which turned out to be a good result after this absence of the tracks.

In the first race, after a bad start, I lost some positions but the goal was to gain pace and that's how I faced the race. I ended up passing a few riders, but in the final phase the premature wear of the rear tire made me lose some pace, but I ended up in 10th place! At Sunday's Warm-up we tested some bike solutions that made me go faster, even beating my personal record at Estoril. But early on I realized that there was some fatigue and pain, and that the second race would be quite difficult.

In the second race, right at the start I was touched by another driver on the left side, which made me lose some positions. Despite the fright, I concentrated again and in the first part of the race I started at a faster pace than the previous race. Although the pace was good, at the end of this phase the fatigue and pain were very present and I had to lower the pace until the end, finishing the race in 12th position.

My goals were fulfilled, with many laps given to the circuit, we took a lot of information to continue the work and to return to the next race at the Estoril Circuit even stronger! Thanks to all the team, family and sponsors."


Marco Machado - Team Manager

"This was a positive return for Estoril for the whole team, despite the difficulties we had throughout the weekend. Filipe's return was something we had hoped for some time and finally had the opportunity to ride - and well - on his bike, although with some physical limitations, with two good races João kept his focus and continued to develop his work on RSV4, improving his times and also competing good races, alternating positions with Filipe .

As for Tiago, he did his best with the clear limitations on the tires, which again showed too much wear. It certainly compromised a better position as we revealed pace and consistency to ride in front of the Superbike. We are trying to understand why this is because our bikes characteristically use a lot of load and support for their cornering speed, and the tires have been something we have not been able to depend on for their durability.

Overall it was a positive weekend, we improved our times, we learned more about the bikes and we are confident that we will certainly be stronger next time we come to Estoril. I want to thank the commitment and commitment of all our sponsors and partners in this National Speed Championship season, which has everything to be even better."