CIV 2019 - ROUND 2

Victory and the podium for M2 Racing in the second round of Campionato Italiano Velocità.
Podium in race 1 with Lorenzo Savadori in Superbike - top ten for Federico D’Annunzio in race 2.
A superb victory for Eddi La Marra in the National Trophy 1000 - Alex Sgroi sixth to the finish.

The second round of Campionato Italiano Velocità comes to a close on the ups and downs of the Mugello track. Another successful weekend for Nuova M2 Racing, which gained the podium with Lorenzo Savadori and won its second consecutive race with Eddi La Marra astride Aprilia's tip of the spear, the RSV4 1100 Factory.

Results were also excellent for the Aprilia RSV4 FW-STK bikes with Lorenzo Savadori who had qualified second but skilfully gained first place at the first bend of race 1. He worked hard to maintain the position for two laps before passing to third place, which he guarded to the end. Savadori took the third spot on the podium having continuously attempted to pass Cavalieri and gain ground on Pirro. Federico D’Annunzio ended up off course at the first bend and lost a lot of ground over the earliest phases of the race, which he was unable to regain. Still, he took fourteenth place earning two points.
The circuit was wet for Superbike race 2 with the same starting positions as race 1. More than three hours of rain forced all participants to use rain tyres. Lorenzo Savadori - who had never experienced this bike under wet conditions and hadn't seen Mugello wet since riding the Aprilia 125 on the circuit in 2008 - got off to a bad start. Savadori realised something wasn't right and was unable to regain the confidence necessary to set his own pace. Forced to grit his teeth all the way to the end of the race, he collected precious points for the championship ranking. Technicians are already studying the data and trying to figure out what kept Lorenzo from expressing himself fully. Federico D’Annunzio had also never tested the RSV4 under wet conditions. He studied the bike's behaviour lap after lap and managed to gain a satisfactory ninth place earning seven points.
Eddi La Marra earned second place in the qualifications, missing the pole position by a little over two tenths of a second, team-mate Alex Sgroi took the eighth spot. La Marra immediately shot to first place putting his Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory ahead of everyone else. Sgroi did even better, passing a full five opponents and completing the first round in fourth place. Eddi La Marra's Aprilia was the best in the mix and managed to dominate the race thanks to the setting prepared by Nuova M2 Racing. La Marra reached the finish line unchallenged while Alex Sgroi, also riding an RSV4 1100 Factory, took sixth place after having made it into the top five at three laps from the end of the race. Enzo Chiapello honoured Nuova M2 Racing by completing the race on the high end of 1’59.
The next appointment will be in Imola for the third round of Campionato Italiano Velocità, scheduled for the weekend of 29 and 30 June.
Lorenzo Savadori - Superbike: “Our results yesterday in race 1 were good. We really did our best, shaving a full 1.3 seconds off our time in 2018 and coming in third. Being able to stay up in front of everybody for a few laps was also nice. Unfortunately, things didn't go the way we would have liked today. I had some problems that we will need to look into but that certainly kept me from being able to race as I would have liked. I wish to thank everyone who came here to see the races, Nuova M2 Racing for the great work done and Massimo Rivola who stopped by to see us yesterday”.
Federico D’Annunzio - Superbike: “Yesterday's was a difficult race, a problem with the brakes set me back several times. Today we raced in wet conditions without ever having tested the bike in these conditions. We had never tested the setting, and I tried to do my best with it. My thanks to Nuova M2 Racing and Aprilia for all the work done, we will regain ground in Imola”.
Eddi La Marra - National Trophy 1000: “I didn't expect to win, since I don't love Mugello. The guys with Nuova M2 Racing did a great job on the bike and made it possible for me to win. The atmosphere is great. I get along real well with everyone, and Aprilia is really doing a lot to hear us out and help us, so my thanks have to go to everyone from Enzo Chiapello to the technicians and the guys who follow us from Noale”.
Alex Sgroi - National Trophy 1000: “I'm happy because we're improving race after race. Today, I had a bit of a hard time, I wasn't able to ride the way I would have liked, and I really strained by right forearm, which started to hurt real bad from the sixth lap on. We will keep working hard to further perfect our RSV4 1100 Factory, and I will work a lot on my arm to avoid tiring it out so badly during the race. My thank you to all the people who watch me race, to the sponsors and the whole team for the great work done”.
Superbike Ranking:
1- 100pt. Pirro
2- 60pt. Cavalieri
3- 48pt. Savadori
14- 16pt. D’annunzio
National Trophy 1000 Ranking
1- 50pt. La Marra
2- 36pt. Perotti
3- 33pt. Salvadori
6- 17pt. Sgroi
Manufacturers Ranking
1- 100pt. Ducati
2- 52pt. Aprilia
3- 50pt. BMW
4- 36pt. Yamaha
5- 26pt. Suzuki