From Retail 4.0 to Valencia MotoGP 2017

Aprilia Racing commissioned Everyware, the Italian startup that brings together the power of IoT, mobility and big data, to improve customer experience and gain understanding of visitors’ movements at the Valencia MotoGP on November 10th-12th 2017.

Aprilia is one of the most victorious brands in motorcycle racing history, having won an astonishing 54 world titles in its young career. Aprilia Racing represents the most advanced technology platform of Piaggio Group.

This collaboration was developed within the Open Innovation project promoted by Piaggio Group with BacktoWork24, a 24 Ore company that favours the investment of financial resources by managers and investors in start-ups.

Aprilia has already implemented the Everyware solution in the Motoplex store in Milan to offer visitors an enhanced experience by leveraging the Internet of Things. The Everyware app allows Aprilia to deliver timely and personalized information directly to customers’ mobile phones from the moment they near the store, inviting them to test new products and offering relevant multimedia content to complement the onsite experience.

The Everyware platform will also help Aprilia to collect information on customer footfall and flows within each store. By integrating these insights with data on online customer behavior, the company will be able to build a complete view of the customer journey.

In the next stage of the collaboration, Everyware will bring its technology solution to the Valencia MotoGP 2017. Sensors placed within the event venue will help Aprilia to gain insights on visitors’ flows and analyze their interactions with the environment.

“We are proud to help a leading Italian brand such as Aprilia in its continued journey towards innovation in retail and event management”, explains Brunello Binetti, co-founder of Everyware. “Retail 4.0 is the latest frontier of distribution that uses advanced technologies, namely the Internet of Things, to give retailers an extra edge and offer customers an optimized experience across all touchpoints.”

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