Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally

Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally


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Aprilia introduces a radically new version of the super technological Caponord 1200, a new bike that breaks down the confines of paved roads to become even more transversal and suitable for any trip, ready for any terrain.

New spoked rims with an important 19" size on the front, new hard panniers with aluminium covers, 24 litre fuel tank, new oversized windshield, new engine guards, supplementary LED lights. Introducing the new Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally: more eclectic, more protective, more comfortable, super equipped. The high performance of the 1200cc V-twin is a perfect match for the exceptional chassis features typical of all Aprilia bikes as well as the technological content such as Ride-by-wire with three engine maps, traction control, cruise control and ABS (can be disengaged). Caponord 1200 Rally tackles any route intelligently: in fact, this crossover has the exclusive and patented semi-active ADD (Aprilia Dynamic Damping) suspension system, a highly advanced dynamic control system developed in-house by Aprilia, which sets new global benchmarks for the motorcycle industry in terms of technology, efficacy and reliability. The exclusive ADD software uses skyhook algorithms and acceleration driven damping strategies, which are the industry standards for the automotive world. This has made it possible, for the first time ever, to attain superlative levels of performance in all fork and shock absorber frequency ranges. With previous generation electromechanically adjusted suspension systems, the rider electrically adjusted the suspension setup from a selector on the handlebar.

With the Caponord 1200 Rally's ADD system, however, all the rider has to do is ride. The system measures the forces transmitted to the vehicle from irregularities in the road surface, recognises the dynamic state of the vehicle (acceleration, wide-open-throttle, braking or cruising) and adapts the suspension setup accordingly in real time to maximise comfort and maintain vehicle stability.

The new Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally will be available in European markets from January 2015.