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The future respects the traditions of the House of Noale which has long been renowned for its innovation and distinctive character. With its sporty personality and stunning contemporary lines, the RS 660 brings the winning Aprilia track experience to the road. Its unique design shapes a lightweight, compact bike with sleek, agile volumes. Delivering stability at high speeds, it is all about creating a fun, pleasurable riding experience. Colour options include the brand-new Acid Gold that further highlights the design and young, dynamic personality of this bike.


Multimap Cornering ABS
Advanced multimap Cornering ABS ensures maximum safety on the road without compromising the RS 660’s performance. Using a precise algorithm that continuously monitors a host of parameters such as lateral acceleration, pressure applied to the front brake, lean, pitch and yaw, the brake action is adjusted to create the ideal deceleration and stability ratio, whilst optimising ABS intervention.

Originally developed for use in racing then fine-tuned for the road, the APRC system is an advanced electronic control solution. It is a total package designed to ensure everyday safety on roads and improved performance on the track. The RS 660 boasts the latest APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) package of electronic controls. This advanced inertial six-axis navigation system uses internal gyroscopes and acceleration sensors to understand the engine’s status as it relates to the road in real time and provide instant adjustments to help improve performance and safety.

The RS 660’s APRC package includes:- ATC: Aprilia Traction Control, adjustable traction control based on precise, high-performance operating logic. 
- AWC: Aprilia Wheelie Control
- ACC: Aprilia Cruise Control which maintains your set speed without touching the throttle. 
- AQS: Aprilia Quick Shift, an electronic gear system that enables extremely fast gear shifts without closing the throttle or using the clutch.  It also includes a downshift function for changing down without touching the clutch.  Also available as an optional extra is a software that enables you to implement a reverse shift pattern without having to substitute any parts.  
- AEB: Aprilia Engine Brake, for controlling engine braking when closing the throttle down.
- AEM: Aprilia Engine Map, with a range of different maps that vary engine power output and character.
- ABS: with cornering functionality and 3 adjustable levels






Aprilia “for race use only” complete exhaust by Akrapovič:
a complete exhaust system with a carbon terminal, designed exclusively for use on the track and as such is not certified for road use. Extremely lightweight, it optimises the bike’s sound and the twin-cylinder’s performance so that riders can push their RS 660 to the max. The kit contains an engine control unit programmed with its own maps and software that enables quick shift to be used in a reverse shift pattern (this is also available separately).

Aprilia certified Akrapovič complete exhaust: 
complete system of road-certified headers that enhance the bike’s performance, sound and look.

Reverse shift modification software: 
allowing you to use Quick shift in a reverse pattern simply by loading a piece of software instead of having to replace any parts.

Clutch and brake lever:
made from billet aluminium, these are adjustable and add yet another sporty element to the bike’s look.

Wheel stickers:
to apply to the channel spokes for an even more aggressive look


The RS 660 draws on the winning Aprilia expertise to introduce new standards to its category. The top-of-the-range chassis creates a truly dynamic riding experience with its uniquely-constructed lightweight aluminium frame and swingarm optimising weight distribution.

RS 660


RS 660


RS 660




Triple interview: all the questions about the RS 660 that Aleix Espargaró, Bradley Smith and Lorenzo Savadori never expected...


Take the MotoGP Aprilia Racing Team riders, let them loose for a few hours in Misano with 3 brand new Aprilia RS 660 bikes, and then wait for an exceptional triple interview...


When you’re talking about bikes surprising a man who races at 350 km/h for a living straddling the most technologically advanced two-wheeled missile in the world is not easy. Trust us.


RS 660 did just that, with not one, but all three of the Aprilia MotoGP riders. As this doesn't happen very often, we couldn't miss the chance to ask Aleix Espargaró, Bradley Smith and Lorenzo Savadori all the questions about the RS 660 that they never would have expected to be asked.



First of all: which of the 3 lapped the fastest?

Aleix – Ah, I don't know, we didn't have the times, but I'm sure I must have gone the fastest. Just kidding, we also had to do some videos…

Lorenzo – We just tried to have fun, it was so easy to go fast!

Bradley – The important thing was to go fast, and we did. There's no doubt about that!


What do the RS 660 and RS-GP have in common?

Aleix – Obviously not much in terms of material, but a lot in terms of “spirit”:  you can always recognise the character of an Aprilia and this one is 100% Aprilia.

Lorenzo – Even if it is “just” a sport bike, you can tell that it is made by people who make racing bikes.

Bradley – First of all, it is stunning, just as all Aprilias are gorgeous, including the racing bikes.


On the other hand, what does the RS 660 have that the RS-GP doesn't?

Aleix – The bending light when you lean into turns, that is so cool for a night race!

Lorenzo – The comfortable and well-padded seat. You never want to get off!

Bradley – The sports ABS. Who knows - maybe sooner or later it will be allowed in races too.


If the RS 660 had a Tinder profile, what would its description be?

Aleix – You've never met anyone like me. I'm open minded and ultra modern.

Lorenzo – I love life and having fun… do you think you'd be able to keep up with me?

Bradley – You can see by my photo that I'm sexy, but I also have an extremely strong personality.


Where would you take the RS 660 for your first date?

Aleix – To a big city like Barcelona, a cosmopolitan metropolis, fast, but still liveable.

Lorenzo – To a hillside in a place like Tuscany or Piedmont, full of fantastic roads and lots of curves... and it would be instant love!

Bradley – On fast roads without much traffic, surrounded by meadows, maybe with some friends.


What can you say about the RS 660 that you can't say about a partner?

Aleix – That, unlike many partners, the RS 660 is very forgiving!

Lorenzo – Let's just say that you understand the RS straight away. After a few turns, it seems like you've known her forever.

Bradley – Immediate intimacy, she doesn't hide anything, she puts you at ease straight away: I wish it were always like that with girls too!


If the RS 660 were a circuit, which would it be?

Aleix – Valencia: a circuit where agility and light weight are everything!

Lorenzo – For me it would be Misano, in the heart of Emilia Romagna: the land of the joy of living, a beautiful place for going for a ride with friends. Besides, it's my home!

Bradley - Phillip Island, immersed in nature and the sea, a true anthem for the desire to travel


If it were a professional athlete, which sport?

Aleix – Without a doubt, it would be a cyclist: agile, always fast, versatile on different routes.

Lorenzo – It would be a gymnast, one that makes even the most extraordinary performances look easy.

Bradley – A boxer, an elegant, fast, extremely agile one for whom quickness counts more than pure power.


If it were a super hero, what would its power be?

Aleix - Incredible agility… enough to dodge bullets.

Lorenzo - The speed of Flash!

Bradley - A lightness that would let it fly!



If you could take a trip on the RS 660 with the other two riders, where would you want to go?

Aleix – We could travel from one circuit to another, maybe during the summer.

Lorenzo – Anywhere! Every time MotoGP is in Europe, for example!

Bradley – In July we should be racing in Finland for the first time. What do you say? it would be fantastic to go with the RS 660!


What would you think about an “All Stars Aprilia” track challenge with the RS 660? Who would win?

Aleix – I hope I would. Maybe we'll be able to do it for real sooner or later.

Lorenzo – I don't know, but I'm sure that we'd have loads of fun. Especially if it were at Mugello!

Bradley – If we're at Aprilia All Stars, maybe we'll find out. I have a hunch: I'll win!



Aprilia RS 660 managed to surprise the MotoGP riders: will it be able to astonish you too?










Apex Black, Lava Red, Acid Gold. Much more than simple colour schemes: 3 sides of the RS 660 for as many rider identities...


Your RS 660 is much more than an assembly of mechanical parts. Your RS 660 is the shape that you had in mind before you ever even saw it in person. Your RS 660 is a special layout of colours and lines that tell about you and the nuances of your personality: from the most obvious to those that even you still haven’t discovered.


Apex Black, Lava Red and Acid Gold are not just three elaborate colour schemes. Each one speaks of a different identity of the RS 660 and the biker riding it, communicating in a language that only you and the bike understand.

Do you want to know which RS 660 is yours? Lean in and listen to what they have to say to you...



SHE is the dark beauty: a bit diabolical, a bit of a heroine. Her strength is sombre, introverted. The tar black of her fairings is the dark vortex that draws you in, the burning red of the front wheel rim is the fire that rockets her forward, leaving the rivals behind when the light turns green. It’s the Batmobile that borrows the total black look - part of Aprilia’s racing history - to transform every ride into a wild race through your own personal Gotham City.

YOU are the only one who can tame the wild beast that is churning within, transforming it into performance. What matters to you is substance and the beauty of the mechanics - the concrete, rather than the abstract. The details? They might make a difference for you, but only when they’re red. Your soul is tormented but you always find the road that leads to success; because you know that it isn’t being fast that makes you a worthy rider; it is exactly the opposite.



SHE is gritty, bold and resolute. It’s Muhammad Ali annihilating Joe Frazier. It’s the Italian ridden by an Italian beating the Japanese on their home track. The thoroughbred descendent of the racing liveries that Aprilia first introduced on factory bikes, breathing life into the beloved RS 250 Replica Reggiani, where Lava Red proudly recalls the purple, red and grey colours. It is the heritage made up of two-stroke engines, timed laps and 54 world titles - including 38 in World Championship GP Motorcycle Racing, winning 294 Grand Prix races - which the RS 660 brings to your everyday life as a rider.

YOU love power along with agility. Training to win and not just to stay in shape. You always have your sights set on a target and you just can’t do without the intoxicating sensation of crossing any type of finish line first. For you, sportiness is as much alive on the track as it is at any other time of the day; because your favourite outfit is definitely leathers, but taking them off doesn’t mean you stop being a racer.



SHE is the new pioneer of design applied to the world of two wheels, born to break down colour schemes with the same nonchalance as a provocative top model on the runway. It’s the new shade of sportiness on the road: damned beautiful on a sunny coastal route and just as at ease under the neon lights of a big city. It is the gold medal on the naked chest of the athlete: brazen, extroverted, BOLD. It’s a light that shines constantly on your bike which, at the first hint of colour, at any distance, makes anyone who sees it invoke its name.

YOU are an innovator, courageous, an early booker: always ready to blaze new trails following your flawless instinct. A modern samurai: dynamic but disciplined, sometimes enigmatic, dedicating your life to achieving perfection in every action. You hate labels at least as much as she hides her logos: small and hidden compared to those of her two siblings. You have figured out that, to keep from being extinguished in this grey world, you have to distinguish yourself and that the RS 660 Acid Gold is for everyone, but not everyone is made for her… except for you.



Choosing your RS 660 means looking in the mirror, with no filters and without pretending, and admitting to yourself what kind of racer you are. That is why it is so difficult. That is why you won’t be the one who chooses your RS 660: she will be the one who chooses you.








Let RS 660 look you in the eye and tell you why you can't do without it.


There are motorcycles that want to be followed, revered and pampered, others that look you straight in the eye and tell you exactly why you just can’t do without them. As far as reasons go, you can be sure that RS knows at least 660. For now, just settle for 6...


There are motorcycles that want to be followed, revered and pampered, others that look you straight in the eye and tell you exactly why you just can’t do without them. As far as reasons go, you can be sure that RS knows at least 660. For now, just settle for 6.


1. Because a sporty ride doesn’t necessarily have to be uncomfortable. From now.
There are bikes that are too extreme to be fully appreciated off the track, others that simply make compromises on the thrills you’re seeking. And then there is the RS 660, which combines sporty performance with comfortable ergonomics, using a saddle-footpegs-handlebar triangulation that guarantees a posture that never stresses the wrists too much and with the legs not bent to much. A new concept of sport versatility that provides maximum control, but does not fatigue on long rides, making it perfect for everyday use and for the most sporty riding.
Who says you have to suffer to be fast?


2. Because its engine’s power is a question of family
Distinctive sound, irrepressible power and astonishing performance, the RS 660’s froward-facing parallel twin-cylinder inherits many concepts and measurements from the front bank of the Aprilia V4 1100, but above all, it inherits the character: including the same tone of exhaust sound and the typical punch of V powerplants.
100 HP, a thrilling peak speed and hefty torque, most of which is already available at low revs. A mechanical heart with exceptional harmony and the performance of a much larger displacement twin-cylinder, albeit compact and lightweight enough to let the Aprilia engineers wrap you around an agile and effective chassis architecture, whether you’re riding on the road or on the track.
Because speed is rhythm and all movement comes from the heart: it either has the right rhythm, or you’re in trouble.


3. Because life is too short to draw bad trajectories.

The swingarm and double rail frame in aluminium use the engine as a bearing element, providing rigidity, light weight and consistently genuine feedback for the rider. As with every Aprilia, there cannot be a more direct connection between our mind and the route that the wheels are about to take.
This is clear from the smile that bursts onto your face behind the helmet visor as the front end glides over the asphalt: right there, exactly where you want it to be.


4. Because “safety” and “electronics” have stopped being a nuisance and have become performance.
A solid technical and mechanical sector, paired with a technological brain tuned to enhance - not bridle - the riding experience.
RS 660 borrows the legendary APRC electronic control package from the bigger V4 siblings, revolutionising the standard for medium-engine features. Engine Brake, Wheelie Control, Cruise Control, Cornering ABS: forget all about the names on the brochure list (which is much longer) because from now on, every feature becomes an extension of your body, able to make any riding condition harmonious and incisive.
What good is muscle without intellect? RS 660 has both. You can bet on it.


5. Because it is breathtakingly beautiful (but you already knew that) and its design is always functional.

RS 660 reshapes the rules of aesthetics and engineering at will, dictating the present and the future of medium-engine sport bikes.
Not only is it the only bike on the market to have one, but the double-layer fairing also has the task of deviating the airflow away from the rider’s legs. On the opposite end, the powerful and tapered full LED headlight with perimeter DRL that makes the RS 660 aerodynamic and safe, becomes a sleek shape that leaves an unmistakeable mark wherever it goes, in any light conditions.
A chill down the spine of those who are still unfamiliar with it, a burning urge for those who already want it.


6. Because both laps times and smiles per mile count.
Its times are worthy of a refined racer, its pure, unadulterated fun is worthy of a daredevil: RS 660 is your new idea of everyday sportiness.

The riding pleasure that does not sacrifice Aprilia’s authentic racing DNA. The thrill at your fingertips that you won’t ever want to dismount; and if you absolutely must, you can’t wait to get back in the saddle and twist the throttle, because there is nothing stopping you from doing just that: you just need to want it.


Discover all the reasons to want the RS 660 for yourself: make it yours at the price of €11,050 plus road tax and registration (VAT included).





Aprilia RS 660 is recognisable at a glance and stands out from any other bike. The fundamental somatic traits of the new gem from Aprilia with its triple headlight speak the language of its super sport bikes that have made history and which have dominated comparative tests all over the world for years...


Aprilia RS 660 is recognisable at a glance and stands out from any other bike. The fundamental somatic traits of the new gem from Aprilia with its triple headlight speak the language of its super sport bikes that have made history and which have dominated comparative tests all over the world for years.

In fact, the triple headlight element has been a characteristic of high performance and ultra advanced technology Aprilia bikes since 1998 with the début of the RSV Mille, the first super sport bike in the Superbike category from the Noale-based manufacturer.
It was a true aesthetic revolution which was then continued on all the flagship Aprilias, even “marking” an extraordinary bike like the RSV4, and which was adopted by the spectacular Tuono V4 and, with the goal of creating a clear family feeling, it was also used in the smaller RS125 and RS50 bikes.

So, this element has been continuously updated for more than twenty years in terms of aesthetics and functionality and now, with the RS 660, it reaches the highest advancement of its constant evolution.
Aprilia RS 660 is the first bike to introduce such a high level headlight unit in this market segment thanks to the LED triple headlight unit assembly, complete with side DRL lights positioned around the two main lights, and the turn indicators, built into the two DRL profiles, which thereby contribute to making the front end even more compact.

The lighting system also incorporates details designed to make riding even safer: thanks to the presence of a twilight sensor, the low beam lights are activated automatically, while the self-cancelling indicators flash in case of emergency braking.

Last, but not least, the “cornering lights” feature introduces a new element of active safety: the two side lights (the centre light is the high beam only) are each fitted with extra parabolas which, thanks to the inertial platform, switch on automatically when the bike leans over to corner, thereby increasing the light beam on turns, resulting in better visibility for the rider.


To date, apart from Aprilia's technicians and testers, only two other people have had the opportunity to test the RS 660 - journalists from the Italian magazine Motociclismo and the German magazine Motorrad...


To date, apart from Aprilia's technicians and testers, only two other people have had the opportunity to test the RS 660 - journalists from the Italian magazine Motociclismo and the German magazine Motorrad.

 Federico Aliverti from Motociclismo and Uxe Seitz from Motorrad each rode an RS 660 at the end of July. The bikes they tested were pre-production models with electronics that were still awaiting final completion, but each rider’s experience delivered crystal clear indications about the nature of Aprilia's new middleweight twin-cylinder sports bike.

 Even during these initial tests, it was immediately clear that two of the RS 660’s character traits were certainly fully formed. The RS 660’s engine and its character immediately impressed both riders. "This engine is fantastic,” wrote Federico of Motociclismo. “It's sweet at low revs, with a strong midrange and a wickedness at high rpm that makes you question if it really is 100 hp and not more. The sweet power delivery from 1,800 rpm propels you out of hairpin bends without any hesitancy. The midrange pull becomes obvious from 4,000 rpm and lends the engine loads of flexibility, to the point many roads can be enjoyed comfortably using just third gear. Then at 8,000 rpm there’s a marvelous change of tone that accompanies you like a battle cry up to 11,200 rpm, while you shoot into one gear after another at the speed of light thanks to an excellent quick shifter."

 During a stop on the test route in the mountains above Aprilia’s Venice home, both testers praised the engine before anything else, taking it for granted that an Aprilia chassis could be nothing less than excellent. What struck them was how the chassis excellence marries perfectly to the brand-new engine. Motorrad wrote: "With all the experience gained from 54 world titles and with the certainty of being at the top of the industry in terms of chassis, Aprilia RS 660 developers have created a wonderfully agile and at the same time neutral and stable chassis".

 In addition to its excellent dynamic qualities, another of the RS 660’s facets to grab the journalists’ attention was its design. The Aprilia RS 660 is the product of an in-depth style study and that makes it an indisputably fascinating motorbike; the innovative idea of creating a double fairing with integrated aerodynamic appendix function represents a real window to the future. Federico Aliverti and Uxe Seitz had no doubt that the inspiration came from the racing world: one of the functions of the double-walled fairing is to optimize stability at high speeds.  

 When they got off the bike, the two journalists asked the same question: "When could I come back for another ride?".

 And you, how much do you want to get on an Aprilia RS 660?