RSV4 X Arrives to The US



 The RSV4 X is unlike anything Aprilia has produced for the public before. Built on the base of the RSV4 1100 Factory, winner of major comparative tests, the RSV4 X has been produced in a limited edition of only ten units to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of a project that won seven World Superbike title. Two of which are arriving to the United States this month, dedicated exclusively to track riding.

Aprilia’s racing experience has been fully harnessed in order to lighten the Aprilia RSV4 X and achieve an exceptional dry weight of 363 lbs, compared to the 390 lbs RSV4 1100 Factory. Aprilia Racing has selected a series of refined, lightweight components, such as the carbon fairing - enhanced with special dedicated graphics inspired by the livery of the 2019 MotoGP Aprilia RS-GP - as well as a more lightweight tank. Another obvious sports-derived element is the racing panel via which to adjust the main electronic controls of the RSV4 X. There are numerous billet aluminum details, such as the clutch lever, the front brake lever guard, the engine sump guards, the adjustable foot pegs and the upper steering plate, important details that make for a further weight saving. Marchesini forged magnesium wheels magnify the already spectacular handling of the RSV4 and mount Pirelli slick tires.

The inimitable 1078 cc V4 is prepared directly by Aprilia Racing, the most advanced platform of the Piaggio Group for the development of technology applied to motorcycles. This special preparation involves hand assembly and the subsequent fine-tuning of all tolerances, just as is done for racing engines. The timing system uses new intake camshafts, new valve return springs and relative caps, as well as brand new rounded bucket tappets that allow SBK-derived shafts with more aggressive cam profiles to be used.

The Akrapovic exhaust system features titanium collectors and a carbon outlet, while the air filter has been replaced with a Sprint Filter element, specifically the air filter that offers the highest permeability of those available on the market (as well as being waterproof), the same unit that Aprilia Racing uses in MotoGP. The electronic fine-tuning is guaranteed by a specific ECU mapping. These components ensure an increase in maximum power, from an already excellent 217 HP for the standard model, to an impressive 225 HP. The Aprilia V4 is equipped with the ANN system (Aprilia No Neutral), the gearbox with neutral positioned below first gear that speeds up shifting from first to second and prevents any up-shifting errors. A solution that derives directly from Aprilia's experience in SBK and MotoGP and that is made available on a model on public sale for the very first time.
Another world first comes in the shape of the Brembo braking system, the firm having selected the Aprilia RSV4 X for the début of its GP4-MS billet calipers that act on a pair of steel discs with T-Drive technology and are controlled by a 19x16 billet radial pump.
One of the lucky individuals that gets the pleasure of owning and riding one of these special machines is Lucas Worthing of California. Mr. Worthing is not only an avid street and track rider but an Aprilia enthusiast.
“I have owned many Superbikes since I first started street riding in 1994. I’ve owned multiple Honda’s including an F4i and two RC51’s (including a Nicky Hayden Ed.). My love the RC51 led me to Ducati for the feel of the twin. Once converted, I had a few Ducati Monsters, a Ducati 749R, a Ducati 1198, and a Ducati 1198sp. Then Aprilia held a special event in Los Angeles called the Aprilia Masters Event. It was here I fell in love with the V4. I rode the RSV4 and Tuono and realized there was a better feeling machine than the Ducati. I went out and purchased a 2012 RSV4 Factory. I tracked it and the passion grew. I’ve since purchased (2) 2016 RSV4 RF LE’s, and a 2017 RSV4 RR. I converted one of my 2016 RSV4 RF LE builds into a dedicated track bike which I have enjoyed in over a dozen track days this year. I loved the idea of a track focused special edition bike I could maintain long term as my dedicated track bike. With the added horsepower, lightweight parts, and exclusivity, the ‘X’ was a perfect match for my needs.”
By taking advanced electronics and racing technology, Aprilia continues to raise the bar of what a perfect superbike should be. Translating comfort, feel and control to inspire confidence, advance skill and improve the full, joyful experience of riding a motorcycle.