Cycle World Awards Tuono RR as Best Standard Motorcycle for 2nd Straight Year

Cycle World Awards Tuono RR as Best Standard Motorcycle for 2nd Straight Year

Aprilia Tuono RR: Cycle World's Pick for Best Standard Motorcycle

In the world of naked sport motorcycles, the Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR the dominant player.

When the Tuono was revamped for 2017, the naked out of Noale hit the top of the charts for many publication's shootouts and "best of" awards.

The choice is simple to see - the Tuono offers all-day comfort regardless if your prowling the urban landscape or cranking around Circuit of the Americas.

One of the largest recognitions was by Cycle World, which chose the updated 2017 Aprilia Tuono 1100 RR as its 2017 Best Standard Motorcycle.

Though competition increased since 2017, the Tuono once again was chosen by Cycle World for its 2018 Best Standard Motorcycle.

That's two consecutive years as the top standard motorcycle from one of the world’s most respected moto publications! Also, in 2016, the Aprilia Tuono RR won the Best Open Class Streetbike award, making for Cycle World category wins three years in a row!

Besides the upright ergonomics and slick styling, the Tuono is highlighted by its 65-degree 1077cc V4, which produces 173 horsepower and 89 ft/lbs of torque. The latest edition’s engine was mildly massaged with DLC surface treatments on the piston pins and honing treatment on the connecting rod surfaces, both revisions helping to ease revving.

The Tuono also received an updated ECU that allows the engine to rev 500 rpm higher that before, the V4 powerplant now redlining at 13,000 that makes a sound unlike any other twin or V4. The design thoughts were simple - bring RSV4-style power that’s more manageable for everyday riding, and stuff it into a comfortable upright chassis.

Speaking in the Cycle World article, author Chris Cantle says: "Tuned for the street, the Tuono’s mill cranks out a furious 159 hp and 80 pound-feet of torque on the Cycle World dyno. Strong numbers, sure, but they don’t even hint at the addictiveness of the exhaust’s yowl, or the jaw-dropping roar of the V4’s very rapid inhalation. The noise is Italian exoticism at its finest. Simply put, whacking open the throttle of the Tuono V4 is one of the most thrilling experiences in motorcycling."

Other highlights of the 2018 Aprilia Tuono include the Brembo M50 Monoblock calipers, and the latest in Aprilia electronics, including an eight-level traction control system that's switchable while riding, launch control, wheelie control and cornering ABS.

Cantle continues: "But for all the hard-core performance, the Tuono also offers comforts that make it a practical machine. Think cruise control, an attractive color TFT dash, and comfortable accommodations that include a pillion seat. Combined with a chassis and suspension that’s eager to hustle but forgiving of a rider’s imperfections, the Tuono V4 RR doesn’t just succeed as a Standard, it sets a new standard for the class."

We couldn't agree more Chris. We couldn't agree more.