Motorbikes are our life

Motorbikes are our life

Motorbike is my life

2016 has been a very important year, and a beautiful racing season. The RS-GP has grown day after day, thanks to ever-growing enhancements that have rendered it more competitive than ever. Now, the upcoming final act in Valencia.

We thank the whole team, and our two pilots in particular, Alvaro Bautista and Stefan Bradl.

Both indefatigable, they are always ready to test the modifications made by our engineers, to fight along every inch of the circuit, from the green light to the checkered flag.

It hasn’t been easy. There were moments of uncertainty but, we know it, mistakes are there to help you grow.And we’ll never tire of growing.

Thank you, Alvaro, thank you Stefan: bikes really are your lives.

We’re happy to have shared an important part of them with you.