Over the past weeks the race department at Aprilia Racing has been working on a decidedly unique bike, part of the Factory Works family launched at EICMA 2015. An RSV4 designed for the racetrack, custom made by Richard Forrest, a passionate Aprilia client who's dream was to own a one-of-a-kind bike created by one of the most successful sport departments of all time.

That dream has come to life, thanks to the Factory Works programme, which grants access to Aprilia Racing's boundless know-how for any client, whether a racing team or a track day client. Multiple options are available, from a stock version to a full-blown 230 horsepower Superbike that can be completely customised, just like a tailor-made suit.

The RSV4 customised by Richard included work on the engine, an electronics package and, best for last, a fairing kit in Superbike carbon with "Misano" graphics: the end result is spectacular, so much so that it caught the attention of all Aprilia technicians, who have dubbed it the most captivating of all the Factory Works produced to date.
Richard will use his RSV4-FW on the circuit in Hong Kong, as he told us himself when the bike was delivered.

Is it your first Aprilia bike?

No, my first bike ever was an Aprilia RS250 in 1998 (Orange and Blue). Valentino Rossi was racing this bike at the time, this is where it all began for me.

Are you more a road or track user? Why?

More of a track user. Prior to moving to Hong Kong I did both, but preferred track (when I could get to a track). When I moved to Hong Kong I briefly owned a road bike but had a severe snowboarding accident which landed me in a wheel chair for several months and away from sport for several years. I of course had to sell the bike. Two years ago I got back on a bike for the first time, renting one at the local racetrack (Zuhai International Circuit). I've been going every few months since. There's a great bunch of regulars both local and expats, many of which are pilots with far too much spare time on their hands!


Why do I prefer track? The bike can be used to it's full potential (as opposed to idling in traffic in 2nd gear), I believe it's safer than the road, it's a hell of a work out and hands down the best stress relief I know.

Tell us about the choice to purchase a Factory Works RSV4. 

I've been toying with buying a track bike with the view to eventually racing for the last two years, Conveniently, I have good friend who happens to be Deputy Editor for the UK publication Fast Bikes Magazine. He (Benjamin) essentially pushed me towards the RSV4 from the very beginnig as he believes quite simply it's the best handling 1000cc bike available.


Coupling that advice with the linear delivery from that incredible sounding V4, the decision of what bike to buy wasn't difficult, the only decision remaining was whether I was going to commit the time and funds to racing and a track bike at all.


Then I saw the RSV4 R-FW Misano at EICMA 2015 - and the decision was made! I just had to have it.