Customer Service

General Information

  • Fuel

    The Aprilia scooter and bikes produced since 1992 use unleaded fuel (minimum 95 octane ROZ).


  • Owner's Manuals

    Once you have compiled the this form with the information requested, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for downloading your booklet in PDF format. The frame/chassis number is needed to allow us to provide you with the correct use and maintenance booklet for your model. This service is available for vehicles produced from 2004; contact our Customer Service for earlier models.

  • Technical Modifications

    Aprilia does not provide any information related to modifications on engine or other parts of its vehicles.
    Modifications made to your vehicle will effect the homologation characteristics of the machine, which may result in serious legal and insurance consequence as well as invalidation of the products warranty.

    Find the nearest dealer

  • Aprilia Dealers

    Please click on the following link for the dealer locator devise which enables you to locate a dealer within your area.

    Aprilia Dealers

The Product

  • Technical Specifications

    Technical specifications of the current Aprilia range can be found on the individual product pages.pecifications of the current Aprilia range can be found on the individual product pages.

  • Warrenty Booklet and Owner's Manual

    For missing, lost or damaged warranty booklets or owners manuals please refer to the dealer where you purchased the vehicle.

  • Maintenance Schedule

    The service inspections can be undertaken at authorise Aprilia dealers. Maintenance schedules are detailed in the owners’ manual. Serving costs are dependant on spare part pricing and the dealership retail labour rate.