Massimo Meneghin - Aprilia Racing Spare Parts Manager

Massimo Meneghin - Aprilia Racing Spare Parts Manager

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A life on two wheels? In Massimo Meneghin's case, "Menego" to everyone, even a few more, since he travels all over Europe behind the wheel of one of the trucks that move the materials the Aprilia Racing Team Gresini needs during race weekend.

On the racing scene for 24 years, Massimo began his adventure under the guidance of a historical crew chief, Rossano Brazzi, following Marcellino Lucchi’s Aprilia test team. This relationship with the manufacturer from Noale was also favoured by Massimo’s Venetian origins. About 21,000 kilometres a year, a full month of just truck travel, but the job does not end here for Menego. Once at the track, after unloading the material and setting up the garage, Massimo puts on his spectacle and takes care of managing the parts stock. Sometimes he turns into “Grumpy”, as his colleagues jokingly call him because of his painstaking attention to detail. It is a temporary transformation, since most of the time he does not hold back on jokes to break the tension even in the most delicate moments.

How important is precision in your job?

“Order and organisation are fundamental. Just imagine that a bike is made up of about 3,000 parts and that number is multiplied given the possible variations. For example, the various gearbox ratios, or with the introduction of the aerodynamic attachments and the various configurations of the “winglets”. Keeping tabs on everything means streamlining and speeding up work for both the guys on the track and the central Aprilia Racing warehouse in Noale."

Managing everything seems impossible, especially with the frenetic pace at the track?

“I must say that working with an expert and close-knit team simplifies things a lot. Technology also helps us. Thanks to computers we are able to share information and quantities basically in real time with the Aprilia Racing warehouse. That means that we are able to manage the spare parts situation very well.”

Explain how each part is managed.

“Basically we have a system similar to the one that large companies use in their warehouses. Each part is defined with a unique code when it arrives at the Noale warehouse. I take charge of it when it is physically brought to the track, and from the time it begins to be used on the bikes we keep track of how many kilometres it travels. The reason for this is that a useful life is established for all the parts, beyond which they must be replaced.”

And the best part of your job?

“I definitely like being at the track. But the long trips in the truck, travelling across Europe, always have their charm. Sometimes they can be boring or difficult, but travelling on the road lets you see landscapes that you would miss if you travelled by air.”